Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still a Box Office Groupie

No matter how jaded I become by the state of the film industry, with an unprecedented number of sequels and remakes set for release this year, I still check the weekend box office numbers every Sunday night. This week the Bradly Cooper vehicle, Limitless, lead the way; however, Tom McCarthy's Win Win, which Mark and I will be discussing in an upcoming episode, performed well considering it was only released on four screens in New York and Los Angeles. One reason I care about the box office numbers is it determines what types of films will be released in the future. Even though I, and numerous other critics, despised Battle: LA, the film has performed well domestically, as well as overseas, which all but insures Sony, the studio behind the over-hyped under-plotted action flick, will begin work on a sequel in short time. Another reason I love reading the weekend box office roundup is I hope to one day have a film appear on that list. Let's face it, as much as filmmakers claim to create work to please only themselves, they still hope it is accepted by an audience, even if it is not a mass audience. Which is why the specialty box office numbers, grading the money a film makes per every screen it's exhibited on, is so crucial to independent filmmakers.
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