Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Links, Links and More Links!

Mark and I keep having great guests record podcasts with us, but I have yet to post links to any of their websites where you can experience their work firsthand. Without further ado...

Igor Yankilevich, star of Episode 8.

Top $ Raz, star of Episode 6 and writer/performer of the BKFT theme song, "The Man".

As of now, Ethan Donnelly, star of Episode 1 (writer-director of the upcoming short film "Saltwater"), and Eric Gentry-Weeks, star of episode 7 (working AC/Cinematographer), do not have websites, but they will both in short time.

On a final note. Here's a link to a student film I starred in in 2008. It was my first acting experience on film (Super-8 negative!) and I loved working with the director Jae Hong Choi. Enjoy.

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