Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Episode 22: "Black Death"/"Green Lantern"

This week on BKFT, Rick and Mark theorize on "Black Death"'s take on religion and contemplate reasons for the failure of "Green Lantern".


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  2. Black Death:
    I saw this film on my xbox live, before it hit the theatre. I am happy to report that his is not a rehash, copy of other plague movies. I feel that this movie is more about the the friers change from a hopeful young man, to a murderer.
    There are alot of deceitful bastards in the village. I still do not know their motives, as to why they do what they do. However, it is easy to see where the movie is going. I thought religion is used well here. Plague vs Man's God. Sometimes I felt like the director wanted to do a compair and contrast on religion vs plague, and which one is worse. The necromancer(rick), and her bag of tricks, was not fully developed, and for the most part forgetable. They could have done without, and focused more on the religion vs plague. Other then that, good show.