Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Episode 18: "Vanishing on 7th Street"/"Blue Valentine"

This week, Mark and Rick present a list of favorite car chases and take on the supernatural thriller "Vanishing on 7th Street" and the somber relationship drama "Blue Valentine".

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  1. Blue Valentine was a gem of a movie. This film got a lot of heat for its sexual tension. It received a NC17 rating, which is beyond me. Maybe a few scenes got left on the editing room floor, to tone it down. But I feel the sex scenes where there to propel the movie along, while highlighting the ebb and flow of the relationship; rather than just for kicks. Its strange and makes me mad, when meaningful, passionate sex gets a NC17, where as stupid "becoming of age" movies have tits in every other scene gets a R rating, F that.
    Anyways, I could feel the organic, free flowing, nature of the movie, which we don't get a lot of anymore. The writing in Blue Valentine was great, every word counted here, but the delivery is where it’s at. Hats off too Ryan Gosling, for an unforgettable performance, that is rarely seen anymore. Blue Valentine is a beautiful film, which everyone should see.